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If I asked you what was the most cultural moment of 2019 what would come to mind? What best captured the aura of the entire year within just a moment? An argument can be made that it was when the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton filmed himself writing the word “BRICK”1 on three, alleged, bricks of cocaine, and then shipped them to Buffalo, New York. This historic date was December 9th, 2019, the author was Chicago native Virgil Abloh, and this was prompted by lyrics from Griselda’s hit song “DR. Birds” where creative visionary Westside Gunn proclaimed “Told Virgil write…

‘Third Table’ 3D Rendering | based off the essay of the say name by Graham Harman


Landauer’s principle is a physical principle pertaining to the lower theoretical limit of energy consumption of computation. It holds that “any logically irreversible manipulation of information, such as the erasure of a bit or the merging of two computation paths, must be accompanied by a corresponding entropy increase in non-information-bearing degrees of freedom of the information-processing apparatus or its environment”. Another way of phrasing Landauer’s principle is that if an observer loses information about a physical system, the observer loses the ability to extract work from that system.

One of the wonders of modern surveillance and recording technology is the…


A paradigm shift in communication of visuals can save us from mass extinction. One of the hardest parts of attempting to communicate about ecological topics is that they are inherently hard to see. Unlike the previous generations I grew up hearing Al Gore and a vast array of other unnamed “climate specialists” explain the unfortunate current trajectory of our species in relation to our environment, but even with this information how far has the needle been moved? Furthermore, where is the needle, and where is it going? If there’s overwhelming evidence and support what’s the hold up. How far…


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